Call for Chapters: Contemporary Media Art in Ireland

Submissions are invited for a collection of essays provisionally entitled, Contemporary Media Art in Ireland. This will be a volume of essays that provides a detailed account of born-digital art in an Irish context. Continue reading “Call for Chapters: Contemporary Media Art in Ireland”

Inaugural podcasts on Cultural Mechanics

I recently started a new podcast, Cultural Mechanics, which emerges out of my research and interest in a variety of topics relating to digital culture, electronic art, critical media, creative technologies, and the Digital Humanities. The two first podcasts are concerned with Irish e-lit authors, Michael J. Maguire and Graham Allen.

A brief chat with digital artist, Jacob Garbe

In 2014, while in Chicago attending the annual MLA Convention, I visited the “Pathfinders Exhibit” curated by Dene Grigar and Stuart Moulthrop. I was introduced to a number of works, including Jacob Garbe’s Closed Rooms, Soft Whispers. During the exhibit, I spoke with the work’s creator, which prompted some further correspondence, a portion of which I present in this post.

Closed Rooms, Soft Whispers, by Jacob Garbe
Closed Rooms, Soft Whispers, by Jacob Garbe. From “Pathfinders Exhibit”, MLA Convention, Chicago, Jan 2014.

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WSU Vancouver’s Electronic Literature Lab

Electronic Literature LabI recently had the pleasure of being invited to visit Dene Grigar’s Creative Media & Digital Culture (CMDC) program at Washington State University, Vancouver. In addition, I finally got to experience her fabled Electronic Literature Lab (ELL). The ELL, or what on first glance looks more like a Macintosh museum, boasts what is undoubtedly the world’s finest collection of electronic literature. Dene has in her possession much of the canon’s earliest works, maintained in near-mint condition. To my knowledge, there is no other institution with such a catalogue of e-lit, coupled with the systems necessary to read them as first intended. While I have argued the importance of digital materiality in the past, this was the first time that I had traversed many of these pieces without the veils of emulation or remediation. I was struck by the significance of the platform-specifics, more-so than I had expected to be. Continue reading “WSU Vancouver’s Electronic Literature Lab”

Digging Holes with Graham Allen

Several months ago I became involved in the creation of Holes, a digital poem written by Graham Allen, Professor of English at University College Cork and winner of the Listowel Single Poem Prize in 2010.

Holes presents a new approach to autobiographical writing. On a regular basis, the author updates the text with one ten syllable line per day, constructing a piece that is of considerable interest to both digital humanists and literary critics alike.

Holes by Graham Allen
Holes by Graham Allen

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