Inaugural podcasts on Cultural Mechanics

I recently started a new podcast, Cultural Mechanics, which emerges out of my research and interest in a variety of topics relating to digital culture, electronic art, critical media, creative technologies, and the Digital Humanities. The two first podcasts are concerned with Irish e-lit authors, Michael J. Maguire and Graham Allen.

A brief chat with digital artist, Jacob Garbe

In 2014, while in Chicago attending the annual MLA Convention, I visited the “Pathfinders Exhibit” curated by Dene Grigar and Stuart Moulthrop. I was introduced to a number of works, including Jacob Garbe’s Closed Rooms, Soft Whispers. During the exhibit, I spoke with the work’s creator, which prompted some further correspondence, a portion of which I present in this post.

Closed Rooms, Soft Whispers, by Jacob Garbe
Closed Rooms, Soft Whispers, by Jacob Garbe. From “Pathfinders Exhibit”, MLA Convention, Chicago, Jan 2014.

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Ray Siemens’ take on DHSI

Two summers back, I sat down with Ray Siemens and had a chat about one of the largest community gatherings in our field – the University of Victoria’s Digital Humanities Summer Institute. Here is a snapshot of what we talked about: Continue reading “Ray Siemens’ take on DHSI”

Interview with Mark Evans, author of Mrs God

Mrs God

Irish author and journalist, Mark Evans, published his first non-fiction book with Mercier Press back in 2007. Recently, he decided to try something different, and took a step into the world of fiction. With his new book, Mrs God, now available on Amazon, I had a chat with Mark about writing epic fantasy on a small scale.

Mrs God is something of an epic on a small scale. Would you agree with this?

Absolutely. Yes, there are angels and demons leaping about the place and swords and longbows doing a lot of damage. And yes, the story begins before the big bang before coming right up to the present day. But at the centre of Mrs God is a tale about a ‘woman’ and a baby. It’s a book about belonging and growing up and, most of all, about having a purpose in life. It just happens to feature kick-ass archangels too. Continue reading “Interview with Mark Evans, author of Mrs God

Interview with Steve Perry, author of Shadows of the Empire and Death Star

Steve PerryI recently analysed Steve Perry’s collaboration with Michael Reaves on Death Star, and following on from that analysis, conducted a brief interview with the former. Perry was kind enough to share his thoughts with me on writing collaboratively for a demanding audience.

First thing first, what can your fans expect from you in the future? Anything exciting in the works?

Currently, I am working on the third book for Ace of a military space opera series, Cutter’s Wars. First one is out, second one will be out in the next few months, third one, early in 2015, if I get it done…

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