Creative Publications

Poetry Collections

O’Sullivan, James. Groundwork. Uxbridge: Alba Publishing (2014). Print.

O’Sullivan, James. Kneeling on the Redwood Floor. Belfast: Lapwing Publications (2011). Print.


“Rust” & “Abandoned Places”, Poetry Salzburg Review, No. 30 (2017). Print.

“Galaxies”, Route 57, Issue 13 (2017). Print.

“Different Kinds of Life”, On the Banks: Cork City in Poems and Song, edited by Alannah Hopkin (2016). Print.

“Picture Box”, Crannóg, Issue 43 (autumn 2016). Print.

Extract from “Designing Waste”, Banshee, Issue 1 (autumn 2015). Print.

“Different Kinds of Life”, Southword, Issue 29A (April/May 2016). Web.

“The Laundry”, Cyphers (spring/summer 2015). Print.

“Eyre Square”, The Bohemyth (Aug 2014). Web.

“Silent Places”, New Eyes On The Great Book, Southword Editions, edited by Graham Allen & Pat Cotter (2014). Print.

“There are Spiders”, Skylight 47, Issue 3 (winter 2014). Print/Web.

“Children’s Ward”, Southword, Issue 25 (Dec/Jan 2013). Web.

“Remember When”, The SHOp, Issue 43 (autumn 2013). Print.

“While You Were Dancing”, Bare Hands, Issue 17 (Aug 2013). Web.

“Moll’s Gap”, Revival Literary Journal, Issue 26 (June 2013). Print.

“Man’s Cayenne”, The Weekenders Magazine, Issue 8 (April 2013). Web.

“Kindred”, The Linnet’s Wings (spring 2013). Print.

“Engine Trouble”, The Poetry Bus, Issue 4 (Mar 2013). Print.

“Trains”, L’Allure des Mots, Issue 8 (Oct 2012). Print.

“Human, Nothing More”, L’Allure des Mots, Issue 6 (May 2012). Print.

“Molly”, wordlegs Presents: 30 Under 30 (Mar 2012). Print.

“On Hallowed Ground”, Outburst Magazine, Issue 8 (Feb 2012). Print.

“Inscribed”, “The Rose”, & “Human, Nothing More”, Bray Arts Journal, Vol. 17, Issue 4 (Jan 2012). Print/Web.

“Shepherd”, Revival Literary Journal, Issue 21 (Nov 2011). Print.

“Gougane Barra”, Holly Bough (Nov 2011). Print.

“Shepherd”, Wordlegs, Issue 8 (Nov 2011). Web.

“The Golden Cloth”, Motley Magazine, Issue 1 (Sept 2011). Print.

“Seasons”, Bray Arts Journal, Vol. 1, Issue 1 (Sept 2011). Print/Web.

“Western Coastline”, The Southern Star (Sept 2011). Print.

Short Fiction

“Dust & Bones”, The Honest Ulsterman (Oct 2015). Web.

“Profiles”, The Burning Bush 2, Issue 6 (Feb 2014). Web.

“The Magpie”, wordlegs Presents: 30 Under 30. Ed. Elizabeth Reapy. wordlegs (2012). Print.

“Operation Jupiter”, Aphelion: A Webzine of Science Fiction and Fantasy (2011). Web.

Photography & Visual Art

“Velocity”, The Adirondack Review (June 2016). Web.

“Eternal”, The Adirondack Review (June 2016). Web.

“Bay”, The Adirondack Review (June 2016). Web.

“Among the Reeds”, Gamut (April 2014). Web.

“Caddy”, Stone Highway Review. Web.

“Theme”, Stone Highway Review. Web.

“Four Four”, Stone Highway Review. Web.

“Liars in Alleys”, Gamut (Dec 2013). Web.

“Floaters”, The Bohemyth, Issue 25 (May 2013). Web.

“Thimblerig”, The Bohemyth, Issue 25 (May 2013). Web.

Readings & Recitals

Ó Bhéal (July 2014). Audio recording.

DHSI Electronic Literature Exposition, University of Victoria (June 2014).

Soirée des Refusés, Niagara Artists’ Centre, Saint Catharine’s (May 2014).

Cork Spring Poetry Festival, Cork Arts Theatre (Feb 2014).

Cork Spring Poetry Festival, Cork Arts Theatre (Feb 2014).

Poetry Kitchen, University College Cork (Dec 2013).

Central Library, Cork (Nov 2013).

Cork Short Story Festival, Central Library, Cork (Sept 2013).

CFHSS Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo, British Columbia (May 2012).

Launch of wordlegs presents: 30 under 30, An Róisín Dubh, Galway (Mar 2012).

Bray Arts Performance Night, The Martello, Bray (6 Feb 2012).

Poetry Revival, The Whitehouse Bar, Limerick (30 Nov 2011).

Brú Columbanus, Cork (25 Nov 2011).

Irish Writers’ Centre, Dublin (Sept 2011).


Walsh, Paul, Prasad Gade, and James O’Sullivan. A Paradigm of Things. Blackrock Castle Observatory, Cork, Ireland (Oct 2013).