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Call for Chapters: Contemporary Media Art in Ireland

Submissions are invited for a collection of essays provisionally entitled, Contemporary Media Art in Ireland. This will be a volume of essays that provides a detailed account of born-digital art in an Irish context. Continue reading

A Short Review of “The Text Encoding Initiative and the Study of Literature”

Successfully striking a balance between the technical and non-technical aspects of its subject matter, James Cummings’ article on the Text Encoding Initiative presents to its reader a complete picture of standardisation in electronic scholarly literature. The author blends historical, technical and academic contexts to ensure that he can provide as full an understanding as is possible to both literary scholars, who are generally not technically adept, and conversely, to technical individuals, who might not fully comprehend the more literary aspects.

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Descending into the Maelstrom: Alan Liu’s “Imagining the New Media Encounter”

What makes media “new”? Is new media, as we understand the term, actually new? To my mind, newer media would be a more appropriate term, or as Liu puts, new media encounter

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